A bomb blast brightens prospects for Gorsuch;
Dropped on bitter, ungarlanded liberals.
This catastrophic nuke serves to debauch
The Senate, and its check on force imperial.
The marble-columned Capitol’s eroded,
By winds of change and shifting sands beneath,
By filibusters’ busted wills imploded
Till courtly cloture on the Court’s deceased.
With options nuclear, we self-destruct;
Partisans of the enemy rush in.
Our Cold War language has become unstuck,
Applied now to Blue and Red, not Russians.
Had filibuster’s compromise endured,
Our rights might mutually be assured.


The calm before the storm arrives at last?
A Pepsi will not stop what is to come.
Within the first one-hundred days, so fast.
The dominos are tipped, what can be done?
The missiles are not all that disrupts sea;
Our warships suddenly are changing course.
Are we to now submit and just believe
This fast response is just a “show of force?”
Another demonstration, one of power—
The option known as “nuclear” is used.
Gorsuch takes his place, our system soured.
They do not care how these actions are viewed.
Who knows just when the rising tension stops,



The heat begins within the core, unsteady
In which reactions burst from forces warring.
Structures dissolve, and burn, and churn, already—
At once the Earth and molecules are roaring
Above disordered clamor in the chambers,
Filled with energetic discourse, hot news,
While neighbors wholly unaware of dangers
Are left amid the fallout of the fuse.
Despite attempts to delay detonations,
Atomic heat and pressure builds up still.
Uncharted energies dissolve foundations
Until the bonds of parties motions kill.
And while politics force mind-distortions,
They make choices of nuclear proportions.


The sun sets on a nation most divided,
The lines within our Senate clearly drawn.
One Justice for the High Court is decided,
Another parlous presidential pawn.
In a time of politics played to extremes,
Partisan words and actions polarize.
The new recruits to elitist regimes,
Contribute to Democracy’s demise.
The finished slate speaks for United States,
Yet like them, we are still far from united.
The nuclear option looms over debates,
For citizens and Senate are ignited.
While blue and red, and left and right, compete,
America is who will feel defeat.