A single strike” is all a snowball needs
To start to tip atop a lofty hill.
The comments escalate; we’re on the verge,
Mere inklings soon give way to deadly spill.
Trippingly, polite penmanship is gone;
Gut instinct is the world’s common language;
Formalities no longer buffer wrongs.
Good or ill, reality takes main stage;
Will seas turn foul as neighbors duck and cower?
Or are these not threats but empty guises?
Will Trump, or Kim, commanding, from his tower,
Begin blind watch, cold war, demise reprise?
Despite the fact that history repeats,
It seems the steps will always give cold feet.


The too small sea divides their lands and taunts,
Reflecting back their own unruly coifs.
Such brazen threats each leading power flaunts!
Atop a missile one large bomb may sit,
As others launch in tests to check their range.
Fear is the fire with which the fuse is lit;
Once set they’ll say the course cannot be changed.
Ships sail to prove this action will not stand;
Afloat, so many wade into the dark.
Tests fail, wills fray, and some do not command
Respect, until it ends without a spark.
If we survive, one man will sound too breezy;
Of war and peace, the Donald will say, Easy!


“Strategic patience.”  That is what it’s called.
A euphemism standing in for peace.
Fewer than a hundred days, in all.
Yet probabilities for peace decrease.
And like a child kneeling at a pond
Who sees himself, his image, reflecting,
Though he knows that deep below has spawned
A bubble that is rising, surfacing,
Our country slowly watches, filled with horror.
The bubble ripples through the peaceful scene.
Our government has changed, a new director
That leads us to a war we do not need.
They warn Korea, “Don’t test his resolve!”
But ours is tested.  Already they fall.


The calm before the storm arrives at last?
A Pepsi will not stop what is to come.
Within the first one-hundred days, so fast.
The dominos are tipped, what can be done?
The missiles are not all that disrupts sea;
Our warships suddenly are changing course.
Are we to now submit and just believe
This fast response is just a “show of force?”
Another demonstration, one of power—
The option known as “nuclear” is used.
Gorsuch takes his place, our system soured.
They do not care how these actions are viewed.
Who knows just when the rising tension stops,



Another day of dining at the club—
The news brings Donald’s dinner to the rub.
A missile’s testing tests our president,
Disturbing dinner with the one percent.
The first step was to stage the blow-by-blow
Before the guests: the Mar-a-Lago show!
Our national security at stake
Could barely pull the Donald from his steak.
All in one place—the nukes and Shinzo Abe—
No need to find a SCIF—just try the entrée!
Is this how Trump will face down Kim Jong-un,
With secrets of the state played up for fun?
The only consolation from the dinner
Was that this diplomacy skipped Twitter.