Watching others’ lives play out on screen,
I look up to clichés well recreated,
And, fascinated by the plots unseen,
Find inspiration not to be outdated:
A pacifist is braver than a bully,
Rich bankers are the real thieves, by their loans,
And family members sacrifice so fully
That what they gain is love, not more to own.
The dreamers may be black, gay, white, or brown,
And claim their families, places, ways to be;
Some immigrants arrive from out of town
And hear the words for trust, said differently.
In times like these, when peace is out of fashion,
At least the movies point to some compassion.


This lineup change may make a “yuuge” shift,
Keep Donald up to bat for future swings.
To some it will be home run–others, miss–
A friendly court so close, he sees its stitching.
Ted Cruz, the bleachers play, is too far out;
The choices now all come from central casting.
And even here, Trump looks for kith to kin,
Though narrow picks’ effects may well be lasting.
Today we meet the problems yet to come,
Before the pitch, there’s outrage in the stands.
The wind-up done, the crowd begins to hum:
Will this be curve, or fast one, from small hands?
A knuckleball whose path cannot be guessed,
Arrives at home, by voters’ rooting blessed.


A man of business, TV, and spray tans
Is now in office. He has big—huge—plans.
Now younger hands will handle business facets—
Without his power they’d fumble his assets.
They met the Japanese; with equal ease,
They tagged along to meet the tech industry.
When leaders discuss regulation’s costs,
His heirs just take their place around the trough.
He tries to make his animal farm rich.
It’s added to an ever-growing list.
Napoleon can seize what he desires.
The pigs will gain because we fight and tire,
As Spicer squeals, and expects us to buy,
“As long as market’s open, we’ll sell high.”