Who thought let them eat cake would ever pale
Compared, as it does, to forgetting which
Country he’d bombed, but not the one detail
We didn’t need: the most delicious, rich
Piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen.
An ad for Mar-a-Lago’s best dessert,
So moist, so glossy-sweet, it took the sheen
Of missile-fire to finally divert
His guest’s attention. The weight silenced him,
While Trump just kept on eating, that dumb mouth
I’ve only seen open. Full to the brim,
It later couldn’t tell the country south
Of Syria, or what he’d really done—
His cake the center of his world of one.


Another day of dining at the club—
The news brings Donald’s dinner to the rub.
A missile’s testing tests our president,
Disturbing dinner with the one percent.
The first step was to stage the blow-by-blow
Before the guests: the Mar-a-Lago show!
Our national security at stake
Could barely pull the Donald from his steak.
All in one place—the nukes and Shinzo Abe—
No need to find a SCIF—just try the entrée!
Is this how Trump will face down Kim Jong-un,
With secrets of the state played up for fun?
The only consolation from the dinner
Was that this diplomacy skipped Twitter.