We blamed the bummer of all moms on them.
We clapped another of our palms on them.
We trained a number of our jobs for them.
We slapped a smother of napalm on them.
We stopped a plumber of Saddam’s with them.
We mapped the weather of the Somme on them.
We propped a duffer full of psalms on them.
We swapped our rudder for dot-coms with them.
We napped while others went to prom with them.
We blew our cover for pogroms on them.
We thought we uttered our salaams for them.
We spent one summer with the qualms for them,
And then we sputtered out, embalmed with them.


They search and find, they order and receive,
A symbol of American wistfulness,
Good products made of U.S. work, retrieved—
It is, of course, the work of immigrants.
They stitch and stamp, they sew and they ship off,
This symbol of restored American pride
In good jobs lost, cut from American cloth—
For him, of course, born into a free ride.
He bids and tans, he fibs and then he fires,
To darn democracy, alter the nation,
And stick to native facts and native hires—
His own workforce made of his worst vexation.
Our leader, New-York-born aristocrat,
Makes immigration great with his red hat.


The Truth: where does it live now? Twitter? Press?
Can it make “FAKE NEWS” from “illegal leaks
(Which must be true to be illegal)? Stress
Is making Logic, friend to Truth, feel weak.
Next step: to make America so great
Again that we can all be in the room
With Truth, instead of only those who hate
Our immigrants, but hum a Russian tune.
And now we hear the president will skip
The rubber-chicken roast that counts as dinner
For journalists who love a winning quip
That wields the facts against their favorite “winner.”
Trump won’t attend their party–too uncouth;
He’s fairly safe from Humor, with his Truth.


To people of our world my thanks to you,
Obama and his staff who passed the throne—
Though once controlled by foreigners like you,
Power lies now in huge hands of my own.
The censorship of the past: forgotten!
We’ll speak our minds and boldly inquire.
Exported will those be from nations rotten—
All products tariffed, all Americans hired.
As the Bible so infallibly has shared,
God’s people—us—must fight for first, united.
American liberty is hereby declared;
Let rapists and killers stay divided.
Under my thumb all chains will break;
Until America great, again, we make.