The first one hundred days are almost done;
A period of time considered huge
For seeing how the president will run.
Now Donald scrambles; he must show that through
The messy start he’s had, to say the least,
He’ll have done something good.  Something.  Anything!
“Uh, hey, Jeff.  I don’t mean to halt your feast,
But I think we’ve got an issue here. See,
I want to brag about my work in these
One hundred days, but I have not done much.
I need that wall right now! I beg you please
To make up some petty distraction, such
that it will just divert them ’till week’s end:
Offend some island people, for your friend?”


The day is late, but on comes TV light.
“Live from New York it’s Saturday night!”
It’s forty-two years old, but now has found
Its stride, a switch; this show has turned around,
Its ratings up, a 20-year precedent,
All thanks to our new thin-skinned president.
In fact, they’ve taken shots at all his staff—
At Sessions, SpicerPutin—they don’t laugh.
In truth, Sean Spicer wants to take it well
But furious Trump will not let him retell
The jokes he says are mean; it is so bad,
Trump thinks, to be mocked by a woman. SAD!
In Trump these skits a desperate anger woke—
What kind of leader bans political jokes?


Who is this man? Unfurling new regard
Before a nation’s disbelieving ears–
Rendered alert, prepared for verbal carnage,
Awaiting fearsome words best left unheard.
What new falsehoods, descending rung by rung,
Can top a year of false flags and sworn lies?
What more, from confidence’s silver tongue,
Can hide behind a businessman’s disguise?
The next day’s news suggests parties deceived,
Or just confused–by bluffing’s bard outbluffed.
Left in the aftermath–what to believe?
Will temporary phrases be enough?
Still, it takes an expert rhetorician
To make conciliation raise suspicion.


Again we hear the voice of tyrants,
When muzzled are those willing lay blame.
King, an icon’s wife, condemned to silence?
I, a Senator, suppressed in chambers?
The ones who need it most are deaf to facts,
And how can you convince if they won’t hear?
Our Senate trades their blows, abrupt attacks—
But do little to subdue the people’s fears.
So though I speak outside, I’ll speak—oppose!
All nominees acrimonious and adverse,
The corrupt inside a party I’ll expose!
Though now, by force, my statement’s wrongly terse,
The Trump administration I’ll resist;
Against all false decorum, I’ll persist.