There is nothing I love more than women.”
I do not wait…I just start kissing them.”
“I’ll admit…I moved on her like a bitch
Part of the beauty of me is [I’m] rich.”
Ivanka [truly has] the best body.”
She has a very nice figure; I’ve said
That ‘If [Ivanka] were not my daughter,
Then perhaps I would [have been] dating her.
There are a lot of women [who] demand
That the husband [should] act like the wife, and
There are a lots of husbands who listen….
I’m a good father, but that’s not my thing.

And while “you may get AIDS by kissing [them],”
I have tremendous respect for women.
—President Donald J. Trump (& ERP)


One tweet from before the fail, one after
Distracting from the legislative slump;
While we wait for what happens hereafter,
We recount the inventory of Trump.
Ivanka’s clan escapes certain disaster,
To Aspen’s slopes, and her father’s dismay.
For Trump, repeal too arduous a task;
ACA lives to see another day.
The unprecedented demagogue speaks
Words of assurance to the populace;
He assures them of his big plans, in tweets.
There is no bottom to his pompousness.
He’s claims they’re strides to come, these grave missteps,
As dissenters berate him as inept.


Americans, retailers, department stores—
Ivanka’s brands are dropped, in fact, because
Of conscientious buyers who deplore
Her father’s deep discounting of the laws.
The constitution will not buy the tort
Half-baked to keep out Syrian refugees;
Supporters hawk quick victory over the court
Which Trump sells with a trademark “EASY D.”
So who’s to blame: Trump’s two-bit-huckster rule
Or exhausted American buyers?
Is it just corporations like these who’ll
Rebound from our political desires?
We might well heed the adage in this fight,
The customer is always, always right.
— NN, OS, JD