Trump’s latest guests, somewhere in the logs,
Mocking a recent opponent. Guess who!
Another controversy, another clog.
Would they do this to Melania too?
In 2012, something similar came about.
This behavior is wrong. Yet their guide,
Trump himself, let them go all-out, throughout.
Will Spicey be insensitive, or just hide?
What’d they eat? Baked Alaska, of course.
Palin can see Russia from Alaska,
Maybe Trump’s advisors met there, and outsourced.
Keep watching ’em (this time, try Nebraska)!
It’s time for you to stand up and listen.
Condemn this awfulness, that’s your mission.


Words of fear and treason news is peddling;
They build on rumors, leaks, and campaign dirt.
The TV blares—it’s nonstop Russian meddling!—
Yet misdirection seeks to disconcert.
How can one month turn government to lies,
Make all news “fake” and all talk indignation?
Yet this administration’s foreign ties
Somehow still elude investigation!
Haunted by Flynn’s ghost and dossiers,
Trump’s odds seem slim, yet all is wait;
History repeats itself, they say;
Can Trump survive much worse than Watergate?
Though it’s our country that this man mishandles,
Still his mouth outruns his actions’ scandals.


American allegiance: Russia’s prize,
Not just the President, but NSC!
We scurry towards security’s demise
For Trump’s regime, and also you and me.
From GRU headquarters, hear the squeaks
Of those who thought that moles were “in like Flynn,”
Whose confidant has been undone by leaks,
Though hackers helped his friend-in-chief get in.
Though Flynn is ratted, hunted out of office,
His furtive dealings leave so many questions.
The House Dems smell blood; GOP is cautious;
While fears of blackmail spur investigation.
Ensnared by accusations and offenses,
A rat is cut loose, as the mousetrap tenses.