A bomb blast brightens prospects for Gorsuch;
Dropped on bitter, ungarlanded liberals.
This catastrophic nuke serves to debauch
The Senate, and its check on force imperial.
The marble-columned Capitol’s eroded,
By winds of change and shifting sands beneath,
By filibusters’ busted wills imploded
Till courtly cloture on the Court’s deceased.
With options nuclear, we self-destruct;
Partisans of the enemy rush in.
Our Cold War language has become unstuck,
Applied now to Blue and Red, not Russians.
Had filibuster’s compromise endured,
Our rights might mutually be assured.


Amidst a frantic frenzy on the court,
Coach lurches forward, starting up the brawl.
He throws the rulebook governing the sport,
Right out the door. Will hand-picked refs make calls?
Spectators helplessly watch play unfold,
Their presence the whole reason for the game.
By few brackets was this outcome foretold,
And only these few bettors will make gains.
Defeated squads accept reality,
Shuffling home with unused celebration;
Some re-group; a few seek leagues more free;
Still others live in permanent privation.
The politics of winning-team-take-all
Will leave no sport for those pushed off the ball.


American allegiance: Russia’s prize,
Not just the President, but NSC!
We scurry towards security’s demise
For Trump’s regime, and also you and me.
From GRU headquarters, hear the squeaks
Of those who thought that moles were “in like Flynn,”
Whose confidant has been undone by leaks,
Though hackers helped his friend-in-chief get in.
Though Flynn is ratted, hunted out of office,
His furtive dealings leave so many questions.
The House Dems smell blood; GOP is cautious;
While fears of blackmail spur investigation.
Ensnared by accusations and offenses,
A rat is cut loose, as the mousetrap tenses.