“You’re fired,” Trump declared, with certain pomp,
And 46 attorneys then resigned
Including those to probity inclined.
Is this what Donald meant by “drain the swamp”?
We do not hear his reasons, not by tweet,
Though usually he shares his full subconscious;
Perhaps he’s finally listening to Congress
Who’ve warned that he must not his tweets delete.
The trouble with our new incumbent man
Is not quite that we don’t know his true motives
Nor even that he didn’t win the voters,
But that he doesn’t ever have a plan.
And if his mind, if mind, we’ll never know,
There’s just no telling where this term will go.


Who is this man? Unfurling new regard
Before a nation’s disbelieving ears–
Rendered alert, prepared for verbal carnage,
Awaiting fearsome words best left unheard.
What new falsehoods, descending rung by rung,
Can top a year of false flags and sworn lies?
What more, from confidence’s silver tongue,
Can hide behind a businessman’s disguise?
The next day’s news suggests parties deceived,
Or just confused–by bluffing’s bard outbluffed.
Left in the aftermath–what to believe?
Will temporary phrases be enough?
Still, it takes an expert rhetorician
To make conciliation raise suspicion.


He speaks of unity, presiding high,
And in the House, an aisle-split Congress listens.
New words of mercy strive to rectify
Trump’s tanking political fortunes.
Contagious bigotry has spread, from those
Who aim to execrate the defenseless
To fiercer-hating hands of nameless foes,
Who’d dare to desecrate the offenseless.
With plans to stack the bricks against outsiders,
Repeal help to the poor, untax the rich,
Will this new tone redeem our chief divider,
Along with dangled paths to citizenship?
Trump: a man made of conflicting intents
Now unites the nation in suspense.


The symptoms start as stomach disagreeing
With heart, or muscles losing circulation
Where once the blood was red, a palpitation
The eyes—or is it brain?—a narrowed seeing,
And then a fever mounts, delusion speaks
In rash outbursts, the nervous limbs go hot
Or cold, base motor functions failing, not
Under control of mind. State organs seize.
We dreamed the body politic as system,
Created by exceptional solution,
And granted deep immune response to errors
Genetic to all empire—we could list them!—
But now we dream of mortal dissolution,
And ask, is this old age, or some new terror?