A bomb blast brightens prospects for Gorsuch;
Dropped on bitter, ungarlanded liberals.
This catastrophic nuke serves to debauch
The Senate, and its check on force imperial.
The marble-columned Capitol’s eroded,
By winds of change and shifting sands beneath,
By filibusters’ busted wills imploded
Till courtly cloture on the Court’s deceased.
With options nuclear, we self-destruct;
Partisans of the enemy rush in.
Our Cold War language has become unstuck,
Applied now to Blue and Red, not Russians.
Had filibuster’s compromise endured,
Our rights might mutually be assured.


There is nothing I love more than women.”
I do not wait…I just start kissing them.”
“I’ll admit…I moved on her like a bitch
Part of the beauty of me is [I’m] rich.”
Ivanka [truly has] the best body.”
She has a very nice figure; I’ve said
That ‘If [Ivanka] were not my daughter,
Then perhaps I would [have been] dating her.
There are a lot of women [who] demand
That the husband [should] act like the wife, and
There are a lots of husbands who listen….
I’m a good father, but that’s not my thing.

And while “you may get AIDS by kissing [them],”
I have tremendous respect for women.
—President Donald J. Trump (& ERP)


Week One: Trump’s inauguration occurred.
Week Two: Maelstrom in airports was upraised.
Week Three: A halt on the ban was ordered.
Week Four: Flynn resigned and suspicion raised.
Week Five: McMaster is now “in like Flynn.”
Week Six: Trump delivered his first address.
Week Seven: Full of claimed wiretappin’.
Week Eight: Trump declared others had transgressed.
Week Nine: Trump validated NASA’s bill.
Week Ten: He signed to abolish NEPA.
Now citizens await Donald’s next kill,
In fear of what he might next throw away.
Nation’s leader: a brutal autocrat
Taking office as an aristocrat.


Above all curiosities of the day
One reigned supreme from June to January.
His preposterous claims and hair passe
Held viewers captive with hilarity.
A country plagued by disbelief upon
Election night’s astonishing results.
The verdict, a national phenomenon,
Favored a business man hurling insults.
Indignation rose among the oppressed.
United by a common enemy
To rise above cruel factions in protest
Rather than sulking in despondency.
Now bans and walls exclude minorities
And those surrounded tire of their worries.


They search and find, they order and receive,
A symbol of American wistfulness,
Good products made of U.S. work, retrieved—
It is, of course, the work of immigrants.
They stitch and stamp, they sew and they ship off,
This symbol of restored American pride
In good jobs lost, cut from American cloth—
For him, of course, born into a free ride.
He bids and tans, he fibs and then he fires,
To darn democracy, alter the nation,
And stick to native facts and native hires—
His own workforce made of his worst vexation.
Our leader, New-York-born aristocrat,
Makes immigration great with his red hat.


“Have you no sense of decency?” demand
Those called, accused upon the witness stand,
Presumed guilty of suspect, hearsaid crimes.
A trial closed by charge reflects tense times;
Ex-president to migrant—all are victim
To unjust claims by paranoia’s dictum,
Which convicts not by jury’s best ruling,
But by a faithfulness to factions’ dueling.
Indictments spread like cracks, a sneaking fear
Of loyalties below common veneer—
To terrorism, Russia, Democrats—
If all are spies, then none are diplomats.
It’s trumped-up charges of conspiracy,
And not wiretaps, that recall McCarthy.



He speaks of unity, presiding high,
And in the House, an aisle-split Congress listens.
New words of mercy strive to rectify
Trump’s tanking political fortunes.
Contagious bigotry has spread, from those
Who aim to execrate the defenseless
To fiercer-hating hands of nameless foes,
Who’d dare to desecrate the offenseless.
With plans to stack the bricks against outsiders,
Repeal help to the poor, untax the rich,
Will this new tone redeem our chief divider,
Along with dangled paths to citizenship?
Trump: a man made of conflicting intents
Now unites the nation in suspense.


One can’t deny your massive influence.
For better or for worse, we recognize
The country’s fractures—maps contiguous
No more—Divided States you now preside
Over, our Person of Last Year. In Time’s
Award, you heard prestige; they said portentous,
As in an omen of a sundering time’s
Reward. This wasn’t choosing The Apprentice.
And now we find that Time proved out by time
In its contention: Trump expounds communion
Through power, freedom, and an end to crime,
Yet traps us all, in theft of nation’s union.
Most Powerful may give you pride to wear,
But rupture’s burden is now yours to bear.



American allegiance: Russia’s prize,
Not just the President, but NSC!
We scurry towards security’s demise
For Trump’s regime, and also you and me.
From GRU headquarters, hear the squeaks
Of those who thought that moles were “in like Flynn,”
Whose confidant has been undone by leaks,
Though hackers helped his friend-in-chief get in.
Though Flynn is ratted, hunted out of office,
His furtive dealings leave so many questions.
The House Dems smell blood; GOP is cautious;
While fears of blackmail spur investigation.
Ensnared by accusations and offenses,
A rat is cut loose, as the mousetrap tenses.



Trump twists the truth through his treacherous tweets.
The howls of fallacy and stunned insult
Suffuse the airwaves, hiding his defeats,
Fears of tyranny his only result.
He falsifies the facts and swears the false
Until what’s fake is news and news is fake,
And branded fabricator by default,
He finds that lies, too, cover his mistakes.
Long backed by Cuban, cabinet’s worst delay,
Peak murder rates, and no unfriendly polls;
Clinton endorser, past crews also stayed,
Rates far from record, polls under control.
To all: seek truth beyond his looking-glass,
Lest Trump’s reflections dim our light with gas.