Who thought let them eat cake would ever pale
Compared, as it does, to forgetting which
Country he’d bombed, but not the one detail
We didn’t need: the most delicious, rich
Piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen.
An ad for Mar-a-Lago’s best dessert,
So moist, so glossy-sweet, it took the sheen
Of missile-fire to finally divert
His guest’s attention. The weight silenced him,
While Trump just kept on eating, that dumb mouth
I’ve only seen open. Full to the brim,
It later couldn’t tell the country south
Of Syria, or what he’d really done—
His cake the center of his world of one.


The too small sea divides their lands and taunts,
Reflecting back their own unruly coifs.
Such brazen threats each leading power flaunts!
Atop a missile one large bomb may sit,
As others launch in tests to check their range.
Fear is the fire with which the fuse is lit;
Once set they’ll say the course cannot be changed.
Ships sail to prove this action will not stand;
Afloat, so many wade into the dark.
Tests fail, wills fray, and some do not command
Respect, until it ends without a spark.
If we survive, one man will sound too breezy;
Of war and peace, the Donald will say, Easy!